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Iowa Department of Management

Mission & Duties

The mission of the Department of Management is to lead and coordinate enterprise planning and governance systems so Iowans receive the highest return on their public investment. The department is attached to the Office of the Governor, and its duties generally include:

  • Reviewing budget requests, preparing the state budget report, drafting legislation to make it effective, monitoring its implementation, and reporting on standing appropriations
  • Performing investigations of state operations or procedures as directed by the governor, executive council or the legislature
  • Coordinating state planning, establishing and prescribing systems and standards for effective planning and performance measurement within state agencies, and recommending policies to the governor and the general assembly
  • Making financial, tax rate, and performance information available and accessible to the public
  • Coordinating capital project planning and budgeting
  • Preparing local budget forms and instructions, promoting sound fiscal policies, and certifying taxes.
  • Preparing and maintaining information useful for state and local planning, and preparing reports appraising the economic condition, growth and development of the state
  • Creating strategic and tactical approaches for lean implementation in state government, including integration into governance and operational systems, to improve the results of agency programs
  • Coordinating and monitoring the executive branch's risk management policies and programs
  • Analyzing and projecting state employee salary and benefits
  • Administering the enterprise grant system