April 2018 Data Snapshot

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

This is e-news about Iowa's government data portal, data.iowa.gov. It provides relevant news from past month, highlights data published by others, gives you stats about the portal, and provides information on content published as of April 30, 2018. New this month are agency content reports (accessible by clicking link below), which are updated daily and provide specific information about agencies.

Recent News

The following table highlights recent news regarding data.iowa.gov and open data.

Date News/Event
04/23/2018 Pew Report on State Data Analytics Shortfalls (MeriTalk - State & Local)
04/25/2018 Iowa Ranked #7 in Providing Online Access to Government Spending Data (DOM)
04/30/2018 New Site - Data Dashboard (DOM)

Portal Analytics

Analytics provided are from the beginning of the reported fiscal year (starting July 1) through the date listed.

Statistic FY 2017 as of 04/30/2017 FY 2018 as of 04/30/2018 % Change Definitions
Users 35,574 59,004 65.86% Number of individuals for the fiscal year who have had one or more sessions from the preceeding July 1 to date listed.
Sessions 48,722 79,664 63.51% Number of times a user was actively engaged with the website during the fiscal year from the preceeding July 1 to date listed.
Returning Sessions 13,427 21,859 62.80% Number of sessions associated with a user who returned to the website during the fiscal year from the preceeding July 1 to date listed.
Sessions > 60 sec 12,803 19,498 52.29% Number of sessions for the fiscal year from the preceeding July 1 to date listed where the duration exceeded 60 seconds.
Sessions > 2 Pages 18,274 30,054 64.46% Number of sessions for fiscal year from the preceeding July 1 to date listed where the user visited more than two pages.
Pageviews 204,206 302,697 48.23% The total number of pages viewed for the fiscal year from the preceding July 1 to date listed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.

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Counts and Percent Change by Content Type

Below is total content published on the site and the change in content compared to the start of the Fiscal Year. The content (e.g. datasets, maps, charts, etc.) provide resources users are looking for when they visit data.iowa.gov. The greater quantity and wider variety content we publish on the site, the greater the site's usefulness becomes. The portal totals provided below represent those owned by all state staff with a user role on the site.

Content Type Start of FY 2018 As of 04/30/2018 % Change Definitions
Datasets 178 202 13.48% Datasets are collections of related data presented in tabular format.
Geospatial Datasets 351 328 -6.55% Geospatial datasets are connections to GIS web service endpoints, or shapefiles that have been imported. Geospatial datasets will have corresponding map views on the portal.
External References 210 222 5.71% External references are links to public databases or applications offering citizens a way to explore and understand information.
Derived Views 531 550 3.58% Derived views are summarized views of data based on an underlying dataset. They can be charts, maps or other filtered views to help make the data more understandable.

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