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State Appeal Board

The State Appeal Board is a three member board comprised of the auditor of state, treasurer of state, and director of the department. The board approves or rejects, and pays claims against the state or a state employee, and resolves local budget protests.

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April 2023 State Appeal Board Meeting

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Full Name Position
Roby Smith Treasurer of State
Kraig Paulsen DOM Director
Rob Sand Auditor of State

State Appeal Board Claim

State Appeal Board Claim Form

Claims are required to be submitted to the State Appeal Board (SAB) using the State Appeal Board Claim Form and Affidavit. Tort claims need to be submitted in triplicate, signed and notarized. For general claims and interdepartmental claims, one original claim form and one copy of all supporting documentation is required.

State Appeal Board Data

Claims Against State of Iowa

This dataset provides information on all claims against the State of Iowa or a State employee received by the State Appeal Board on or after July 1, 2015.  Claims are either general claims or tort claims. General claims are related to outdated warrants, invoices, refunds, credits, exemptions, or outdated bills for merchandise or services rendered to the State. Tort claims claims involve property damage, personal injury or wrongful death.

Staff Contact Info

Joseph Barry
Phone Number: 515-281-5512