What is the process for tort claims?

  1. All Tort Claims are required to be submitted to the State Appeal Board (SAB) using the State Appeal Board Claim Form and Affidavit
  2. All claims need to be submitted in triplicate, signed and notarized
  3. Claims are date-stamped, numbered, entered on a computer data base and acknowledgment letters generated and sent to claimant
  4. Claims are sent to the AG's Office for investigation (copies of claims are also sent to Regents, DOT and DAS-GSE as appropriate for their investigation also).  SAB has 28E agreement with the Board of Regents Universities (UofI, ISU, UNI and UIHC), Department of Transportation and General Services
  5. AG's office reviews and makes a recommendation on each claim for payment, denial or dismissal
  6. Recommendations are presented to the SAB members at their monthly meeting
  7. Claim is either approved, denied or dismissed by the SAB
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