In January 2023, Governor Reynolds proposed a once in a generation alignment of state government agencies and further assessment of existing government structures. As we look to the future, the Governor’s vision continues to focus on increased efficiency to effectively serve Iowans. The next step in this ongoing process is Strategic IT Consolidation. As the name suggests, this is an enterprise wide consolidation of information technology within the Executive Branch, including all IT staff under the Department of Management. 

The benefits of this effort include:

  • Unification of cyber security across the state. 
  • The identification and realization of efficiencies and cost savings across the enterprise by sharing systems and taking advantage of volume pricing.
  • Integrated IT management tools and oversight for IT projects to provide statewide visibility.

Strategic IT Consolidation FAQs

We are updating this FAQ on a regular basis as information is available. Please know we are working to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Continue to work with your leadership regarding any concerns, and submit questions to the Google Form.