OFFICIAL NOTICE: In accordance with Iowa Admin. Code r. 129β€”20.5(5), on November 25, 2019, the Office posted its final, written agency decisions stating the reasons for the Office’s decisions concerning the census block(s) forming the basis of appeals received by the office, located below, under the column entitled β€œAppeal Decision.” 

These final agency decisions shall become final unless within 30 days of such posting an appellant or an affected person or party that submitted evidence in support of, or in opposition to, the appeal files a request for a contested case proceeding pursuant to rule 129β€”20.6(8B,427).

19OCIO001West Liberty Telephone Co. Final Agency Decision PostedDownload West Liberty Decision
19OCIO002Heartland Telecommunications Company of Iowa d/b/a Premier Communications Final Agency Decision PostedDownload Heartland Decision
19OCIO003BTC, Inc (Glenwood)ZIPFinal Agency Decision PostedDownload Glenwood Decision 
19OCIO004BTC, Inc (Malvern)ZIPFinal Agency Decision PostedDownload Malvern Decision