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The Department of Management, Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is required under Iowa Code Chapter 8B.10 to periodically make renewed determinations of whether a communication service provider offers or facilitates broadband service at or above the download and upload speeds identified in Iowa Code Chapter 8B.1. Over time, as data changes and new maps are adopted, older maps and associated documentation will be archived here for reference.

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Review the State of Iowa Broadband Availability Map (Version 4) .

The following maps were previously adopted by the Office as the Broadband Availability Maps for the State of Iowa and used to officiate various broadband incentives programs administered by the Office. These maps are no longer current.

Archived Maps (Old)
The following maps are archived maps that are no longer in use by the Office. They are provided here as an historical record of prior maps issued by the Office in recent years. Do not refer to these maps as part of any current broadband grant application process issued by the Office.

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A challenge period is required for all new maps after they are adopted by the Office. View challenges and accompanying decisions.

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Please contact the Office by e-mailing broadband@iowa.gov with questions concerning archived materials published here.

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