What is the process for developing the State budget?

Preparation, deliberation, and execution of the budget is a continual process throughout the year.  The budget process starts when the Department of Management sends out annual budget instructions.

Timeframe Component

State Budget Process

June - September Prepare Department Requests - State agencies develop their budget requests.  Agencies required by statute to submit their budget requests for the upcoming fiscal year by October 1.
October - December Review Department Requests - Department of Management works with department staff and the Governor’s Office in reviewing and analyzing department requests.
November - December Hold Public Hearings - The Governor holds public budget hearings for departments to present their budget requests. The Governor also holds at least one public hearing for citizens to voice their opinions on the upcoming budget.
January Present Governor's Recommendations - Finalize Governor's Budget Recommendations and prepare "Budget in Brief" and "Big Budget Book."  The Governor is required by law to submit the budget recommendations to the Legislature by February 1, along with appropriation bills.
January - April or May

Enact Appropriations - The Legislature passes appropriation bills during the session (with most passed during the last week of the session usually in April/May):

  • Joint appropriation subcommittees hear presentations from State Agencies and make recommendations
  • Subcommittee recommendations go to full appropriations committee for passage
  • Full appropriations committee's recommendations sent to House and Senate for amendments and passage
  • Final passed legislation sent to Governor
april - may or june Sign, Veto or Item Veto Bills -

The Governor has the options of signing the bill, item vetoing the bill or vetoing the bill entirely.  Legislation presented to the Governor in the last three days of session and after session must be signed within 30 days from the last day of session.

May - June Enter Spending Plans - State agencies enter their spending plans based upon the enacted appropriations bills. The spending plans are transferred to the accounting system and spending is tracked through the accounting system during the fiscal year.  It establishes the required budget controls.


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