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Lean Subject Expert Course


Have you been in a meeting where the facilitator stifled conversation, stole the show or allowed participants to rant, rave or act out? Or have you had to facilitate a meeting AND be the technical expert and found the conversation to either be stifled or more controversial? Meetings don't have to be like this and the Art of Facilitation will help you understand how to successfully facilitate a team, either in-person or virtually, while meeting the goals and outcomes of the organizer or sponsor.


Introduction to Continuous Improvement


Staff designated to lead continuous improvement efforts, staff who lead teams, staff who are part of a team that are improving their processes.

Course Schedule

Planned courses

Learning Objectives

  • Learn skills that all facilitators should exhibit
  • Learn how people process information
  • How to organize and run an in-person meeting and virtual meeting
  • Understand the various platforms for virtual engagement
  • Understand behaviors and dealing with difficult situations

Course Duration

Eight (8) Hours

Course Delivery

Hybrid (in-person and virtual)

Attendees will come to an in-person session where they will learn different tools and techinques for in-person facilitation. In addition, the following week all attendees will receive a link to a Zoom and Google Meets environment where they can look at various features to determine which platform may serve the needs for different types of facilitation.

Week 1: In-person (6 hours)
Week 2: Virtual (2 hours)