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Lean Introductory Course


Are you working against the clock instead of with it? With tools taught in personal efficiencies you can regain control of your personal workspace, prioritize, execute and analyze personal tasks more efficiently in order to gain back time.

This six week course will highlight tools that improve efficiency, along with a companion document containing web links, templates and homework assignments. This course also offers three optional* times to meet one-on-one with a mentor to ask specific questions for your learning. There are three required cohort discussions where you will have the chance to ask questions and use other cohort members as a sounding board as you implement change in your work.


Introduction to Continuous Improvement


Anyone new to Lean or process improvement.

Course Schedule

Planned courses

Learning Objectives

  • Build better habits that are sustainable
  • Increase productivity

Course Duration

Eight (8) Hours

Course Delivery

Hybrid (self-paced and virtual)

Personal Efficiencies is a combination of self-paced and live discussion in a virtual setting.  You will receive a course module to view and practice application of the information. Modules will be released every other week for three weeks. At the end of each week, you will have the opportunity for one-on-one time with a course training to discuss the curriculum and application of information for that week. In order to build upon your experience, there will also be cohort discussion every other week to learn from other attendees and their experience of course information application.

  • Week 1: Module I Seeing Your Work - 25 min video + application practice + optional office hours
  • Week 2: Cohort discussion 1.5 hours
  • Week 3: Module II Planning Your Work - 25 min video + application practice + optional office hours
  • Week 4: Cohort Discussion for module II - 1.5 hour
  • Week 5: Module III Analyzing Your Work - 15 min video + application practice + optional office hours
  • Week 6: Cohort Discussion for module III 1.5 hour class