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Lean Introductory Course


Government processes can be easier, faster, better! This course provides an overview of why and how Iowa utilizes continuous improvement to help make processes in Iowa’s state government easier, faster, better. Attendees will be provided with an initial introduction to continuous improvement fundamentals utilizing Lean methodology, tools and strategies that can be applied in daily work, team projects and organizational problem solving. It aims to shift mindsets from “this is how we’ve always done it”, to one of problem solvers while building interest in further improvement learning.


Anyone new to Lean or process improvement

Course Schedule

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the origins of Lean and the guiding principles
  • Learn how to identify different forms of process waste
  • Familiarize yourself with common Lean tools and strategies utilized in Iowa State government
  • Stimulate ideas of where to begin

Course Duration

Three (3) Hours

Course Delivery

Hybrid (self-paced & virtual)

Upon registration, you will receive self-paced video and accompanying workbook. You are able to work at a pace that you best for you. The uninterrupted video is approximately 45 minutes. An additional 30 minutes will be needed to complete the workbook and apply your learning.

A virtual cohort discussion (1.5 hours) will provide attendees the opportunity to talk with others about their learning and application from the course. It also provides the chance to ask clarifying questions and learn about other Lean opportunities.