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Lean Introductory Course


Doing our best is a great feeling but the journey to get there can be challenging. With the personal improvement course and exercises, we will dive into the Plan/Do/Act/Check methodology to more smoothly improve a habit or skill. This is not a problem solving course but rather to develop a habitual thinking pattern to apply to any future situations.

We all have the abilities to improve a skill or habit but having a plan and a guide can be helpful to gain the results you desire sooner. This program will aid participants to focus on their desired outcome and frequently practice to improve with peer to peer coaching.


Introduction to Continuous Improvement


Anyone new to Lean or process improvement.

Course Schedule

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify a personal improvement
  • Develop a plan to be successful
  • Practice frequently for incremental improvement
  • Evolve, Adapt, and Enhance continuously
  • Celebrate successes

Course Duration

4 to 6 Hours

Course Delivery

Personal Improvement is a combination of virtual sessions and independant application. There are three virtual sessions, a self-paced video, and optional office hours.

  • Week 1: Kickoff ; 1 hour virtual session
  • Week 2: Module 1, 2 hour Virtual Class
  • Weeks 3 - 5: Independant application
  • Week 5: Optional Office Hours 30 min
  • Week 6: Module 2, 1 Hour Virtual Class