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Lean Subject Expert Course


Oftentimes we think we know how work moves through a process; however, we often really only know our piece of the process. A process map makes a process visible by illustrating the flow of the work. It creates a common understanding of a process, allows for standard training and can assist with identifying areas of improvement.


Introduction to Continuous Improvement


Staff designated to lead continuous improvement efforts, staff who lead teams, staff who are part of a team that are improving their processes.

Course Schedule

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the purpose and importance of process mapping
  • Define start and end points of a map
  • Standard process for mapping
  • Tips for facilitating a team through mapping

Course Duration

Seven (7) Hours

Course Delivery

Process Mapping is a combination of self-paced and live discussions in a virtual environment. You will have access to the 6 course modules to view at your own pace, with completion required prior to the virtual classroom discussion. You also have the opportunity for an optional one-on-one time with a course trainer to discuss the curriculum and application of information.

  • 3.5 hours self-paced videos + practice application
  • Kick-off session 1 hour
  • Module 1: Intro. to Process Mapping
  • Module 2: Scoping the Work
  • Module 3: Facilitating Mapping
  • Module 4: Creating the Map
  • Module 5: Analyzing the Map
  • Module 6: Next Steps
  • Virtual Discussion 2.5 hour