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Data Training

State agency employees with user accounts on the enterprise data platform have access to a number of live and on demand training courses on to become more proficient using the platform.  There are recommended course lists for three primary personas: data wrangler, data story teller, and data ambassador.  Instructions for accessing training and signing up is available on the training portal page of the enterprise data platform.

Data Wrangler

As a Data Wrangler, you're a technical data analyst who transforms data from one form into another with the intent of making it more usable and valuable for visualization, aggregation, and analytics. Learn how to publish, automate, validate, and standardize data, transform and prepare data for analysis, write robust metadata and more. Then, share it with the right people.

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Data Story Teller

Become an effective Data Storyteller with the skills to inform and engage your audience with data visualizations. Learn about the tools available to you to develop compelling and insightful data visualizations and about the process of articulating analytical questions to achieve your desired insights. Share program and business outcomes and tell stories with data using Perspectives. Learn best practices for visualizing data and communicating insights.

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Data Ambassador

As a Data Ambassador, you lead organizational efforts with data and merge business with data science. Who are the business users trying to solve problems and how can data help? You oversee a range of data-related functions to address those business problems, and you play a key role in growing a strong, aligned data program. These courses will help you optimize your organization's use of data as a strategic asset!

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