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Iowa Department of Management

Lean Training

The Department of Management, Office of Lean Enterprise offers Lean courses to promote a mindset of continuous improvement in order to make government services easier, faster, better and less costly. Courses provide training on Lean methodology and tools which assist in problem solving, removing inefficiencies and achieving results.

Courses focus on:

  • Introducing ways to improve individual's daily work processes
  • Appling a standard structured approach for small teams solving simpler problems
  • Facilitating teams through larger, more strategic problem solving

Lean courses are currently being revamped to offer a hybrid of self-paced videos with hands-on application practice followed by a virtual class session. Be sure to check back often as new courses are added.

Registration for Lean courses is completed through the State's Learning Management System (LMS). Click to access LMS (Directions on how to access and use the LMS). Once in the LMS, use the "search" feature to enter the course title you are interested in.   Course registration is open 30 - 45 days prior to the first day of class.

Introductory Courses

Provides general awareness and fundamental knowledge of continuous improvement and how it can help to improve an individual's daily work.

Intended Audience: Anyone new to Lean/Process Improvement.

Subject Expert Courses

Provides advancing knowledge of specific tools which can assist with daily problem solving as a team. Knowledge is built upon learnings from the Introduction courses.

Intended Audience: Staff designated to lead continuous improvement efforts, staff who lead teams, staff who are part of a team that are improving their processes.

Continuous Improvement Leader Courses

Assist in identifying problems, working with teams to problem solve through utilization of a structured problem solving process and implementation of improvements. Skills development is enhanced by applying problem solving skills to a real life work problem.

Intended Audience: Staff designated to lead continuous improvement efforts, those who lead teams, project managers.


Lean Facilitator Courses

Mastery of application for problem solving for larger more strategic problems/processes.

Intended Audience: Staff designated to lead continuous improvement efforts, Individual who will be facilitating large groups using structured problem solving.