Lean Facilitator Training Program


The Lean Facilitator Training Program is designed to develop facilitators in:

  • The skill of continuous improvement
  • Understanding Lean methodology
  • Application of Lean strategies and tools

By building internal resources, agencies can more quickly adapt when changes occur, easily identify strategic improvement opportunities, improve planning efforts, increase understanding of their processes, and develop and leverage their employees in the implementation of improvements.

Training Methodology

The Iowa Lean Facilitator training includes both classroom teaching and experiential learning in the field.

Phase One

  • Observation of a lean event
  • Attend core classroom training - Focuses on core competencies of a facilitator
  • Select an improvement strategy for further development - Kaizen, Design, 5S, VSM

Phase Two

  • Observation of a selected strategy
  • Attend classroom training for selected strategy - Learn strategies and tools used in facilitation of event
  • Team Lead Lean event(s) for selected strategy - Participate in sponsor meeting, pre-event, event and follow-ups
  • Independently facilitate - Lead sponsor meeting, pre-event, event and follow-ups

Phase Three

  • Mentor other trainees - Occurs upon completion of training of selected strategy

Time Commitment

The agency and trainee must meet the required time commitments to participate in the training program and achieve certification.

Observation of Lean Event 3 to 4.5 days
Core Facilitator Classroom 2 days

Select Strategy Time Commitment

Sequence Kaizen Design Value Stream Mapping 5S
Observation 3 to 4.5 days, may occur multiple times 3 to 4.5 days, may occur multiple times 2 to 4.5 days, may occur multiple times 1 to 5 days, may be any lean event
Classroom 4 days 2 days 4 to 8 hours
Team Lead 70 hours, multiple times 70 hours, multiple times 70 hours, multiple times 20 to 70 hours
Independent Facilitation 80 hours 80 hours 80 hours NA
Completion Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate

Upon receiving certificate, a Lean facilitator could be asked to facilitate no more than two events a year outside of their agency. This will allow the individual to increase his or her facilitation skills and broaden his/her perspective by applying their skill sets to other areas in the Executive Branch. This will also provide the facilitators the opportunity to build their skill set if they decide to mentor a trainee in the Lean training program.

Financial Commitment

There is not a charge to attend the Lean Facilitator Training. However, costs associated with training may include travel, lodging, and meals based on location of trainee, as all classes are held in the Des Moines area. There may be travel costs should the trainee have to observe or participate in an event outside of their domain.

Agencies will need to equip their facilitator with a laptop and Visio software.

Leadership’s Role

It is essential that agency leadership is supportive of the Lean methodology and of the employee becoming a Lean facilitator. Leadership sets the stage for supporting and encouraging change and continuous improvement.  Leadership will work with the trainee to identify one event within their agency to sponsor, and for which the trainee serve as the Team Lead.

Lean Facilitator Selection

Individuals being considered for the role of a Lean Facilitator should display specific competencies in order to ensure success. For full details, please reference Competencies of a Lean Facilitator.
Competencies of a Lean facilitator include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Systems thinking
  • Continuous improvement mindset

A candidate does not need to have prior Lean experience to become a facilitator. Supervisors can nominate any employee who has acquired the competencies listed above and who can fulfill the time requirements of the training program listed on the previous page.

Nomination Process

Candidates for the Lean Facilitator Training program must be nominated by their supervisor.  The Lean Facilitator nomination form must be completed and submitted.  The Lean Enterprise Administrator will then contact the supervisor and candidate to discuss next steps in starting the training program.

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