State Budget

Preparation, deliberation, and execution of the budget is a continual process managed by the Department of Management, as required under Iowa Code Chapter 8.22. This process regularly involves the Legislative and Executive branches, with occasional counsel from the Judicial branch.  The annual budget process serves as the foundation for the State’s financial planning and control.

The Department also facilitates the work of the Revenue Estimating Conference in determining revenue estimates under Iowa Code Chapter 8.22A, and is responsible for evaluating the fiscal and policy impacts of program and budget proposals and making this information available to decision makers.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone Assignments
Dave Fardal 515-281-3539 Blind, Department for the
College Student Aid Commission
Community Colleges
Education, Department of  (IPTV & IVRS)
Governor, Office of
Higher Education Funding
Legislative Branch
Management, Department of
Regents, Board of
Shashi Goel 515-281-8833 Agriculture & Land Stewardship, Department of
Environment First Fund
Natural Resources, Department of
Performance of Duty (29c.20 claims)
Secretary of State
State Fair Board
Submission of Budget Legislation
Underground Storage Tanks
Heather Hackbarth 515-281-7811 Cultural Affairs, Department of
Economic Development Authority
Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Iowa Civil Rights Commission
Iowa Finance Authority
Iowa Values Fund
Lottery Authority
Public Defense, Department of
Public Employment Relations Board
Workforce Development
I/3 Budget System Back-up
Mike Hahn 515-281-5417 I/3 Budget System
Salary Model back-up
Budget Back-up state-wide
Dennis Hart 515-281-8048 Attorney General
Corrections, Department of
Criminal Justice Issues
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy
Judicial Branch & the Courts
Parole Board
Public Defender and Indigent Defense
Public Safety, Department of
Sandra Hurtado-Peters 515-281-0113 Aging, Department on
Human Services, Department of
Public Health, Department of
Iowa Veterans Affairs
Iowa Veterans Home
Joel Lunde 515-281-7072 Capital Budgeting & Infrastructure Finances
Economics & Demographics Data & Issues
Executive Council
Financial Summary Updates/Projections
Iowa Communications Network
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund
Revenue Estimating Conference
Revenue & Tax Issues
Transportation, Department of
Debra Scrowther 515-281-7076 Administrative Services, Department of
Auditor of State
Commerce, Department of
Drug Control Policy, Governor's Office of
Human Rights, Department of
Inspections & Appeals, Department of
Iowa Ethics & Campaign Finance Disclosure Board
Iowa Public Information Board
Office of Chief Information Officer
Revenue, Department of
Treasurer of State
Steve Timmins 515-281-6577 IPERS
Collective Bargaining
Pension Benefits
Salary Model
State Employee Benefits

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