Lean Report Outs

Below is a list of lean report outs for events that have been completed by State agencies. You can filter the list by fiscal year, state agency or a combination of the two - then clicking "Search". Older events are still in the process of being added to the website.

Enter fiscal year (e.g. 2016)
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Fiscal Year State Agency Report Out
2005 Human Services, Department of Family Investment Program Diversion Kaizen Report Out
2005 Public Safety, Department of Life Safety Code (Fire Prevention Inspections) Report Out
2017 Natural Resources, Department of DNR Manure Management Plans Report Out
2005 Economic Development Authority Business Financial Assistance Kaizen Report Out
2005 Cultural Affairs, Department of Great Places Program Design Event Report Out
2005 Natural Resources, Department of Sovereign Lands Permits: Environmental Reviews Report Out
2005 Natural Resources, Department of NPDES (Wastewater) Report Out
2005 Natural Resources, Department of Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Corrective Action Decision Report Out
2004 Cultural Affairs, Department of Section 106 Permits Kaizen Report Out


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