Lean Report Outs

Below is a list of lean report outs for events that have been completed by State agencies. You can filter the list by fiscal year, state agency or a combination of the two - then clicking "Search". Older events are still in the process of being added to the website.

Enter fiscal year (e.g. 2016)
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Fiscal Year State Agency Report Out
2014 State Public Defender, Office of the Claims Report Out
2014 Aging, Iowa Department on Dependent Adult Abuse/Elder Abuse Report Out
2014 Revenue, Department of Complex Case Design Report Out
2014 Management, Department of Lean Facilitator Training Report Out
2014 Revenue, Department of Business Property Tax Credit Design Report Out
2014 Human Services, Department of Records Check Evaluation Report Out
2013 Cultural Affairs, Department of Records Management Kaizen Report Out
2013 Natural Resources, Department of Emergency Response Report Out
2013 Revenue, Department of Tax Management Division Design Report Out
2013 Transportation, Department of Driver's Privacy Protection Act Report Out


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