Lean Report Outs

Below is a list of lean report outs for events that have been completed by State agencies. You can filter the list by fiscal year, state agency or a combination of the two - then clicking "Search". Older events are still in the process of being added to the website.

Enter fiscal year (e.g. 2016)
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Fiscal Year State Agency Report Out
2018 Natural Resources, Department of DNR Fisheries Survey System Report-Out
2018 Natural Resources, Department of DNR State Forest Nursery Value Stream Report-Out
2018 Transportation, Department of DOT Multi-State Facial Recognition System
2018 IPERS Administration IPERS Lump Sum Payment Process Report-Out
2018 Agriculture and Land Stewardship IDALS Field Representative Processes Report Out
2018 Management, Department of DOM Budget Development Report-Out
2018 Human Services, Department of DHS Story County 5S Report-Out
2018 Inspections & Appeals, Department of DIA Investigations PADRU WOPR Cases Design Summary
2018 IPERS Administration IPERS QDRO Kaizen Report-Out
2018 Revenue, Department of IDR Audit Process Report-Out


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