Completed Lean Events w/o report outs

Below is a list of lean events that have been completed by State agencies. There are four types of lean events listed: Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, Design for Lean Sigma and 5S. You can filter the list by entering a date range for when the event ended, fiscal year, state agency, event type or any combination - then clicking "Search". Older events are still in the process of being added to the website.

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Fiscal Year State Agency Event
2017 Corrections, Department of Central Office 5S Event
2017 Iowa Correctional Institution for Women, Iowa Prison Industries Plastics Area 5S
2017 Human Services, Department of Child Welfare Performance Improvement Design Event
2017 Human Services, Department of Establishment Process Kaizen Event
2016 Administrative Services, Department of Classification Review Process Kaizen
2016 Economic Development Authority Targeted Small Business Certification Kaizen
2016 Corrections, Department of, Iowa Prison Industries Iowa Prison Industries - Wood Shop 5S
2016 Human Services, Department of SODA - JARVIS Design Event
2016 Administrative Services, Department of Electronic Transfer of Forms Design Event
2016 Corrections, Department of DOC Central Office Clerical Value Stream Mapping


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