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In 2020, Governor Reynolds authorized the allocation and expenditure of $50,000,000 from the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund (“CARES Act Funds”) to address the increased need for internet connectivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Communication Service Providers who install broadband infrastructure in this state or facilitate broadband service in this state were eligible to receive funds under this Notice of Funding Availability #003. Refer to Exhibit A - Notice of Funding Opportunity (#003) for more information (see Documentation Below). 

NOTE: This opportunity did not include any state funds.

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Program Design

Under this NOFA, the State of Iowa sought Proposals from Responsible Applicants to provide or incentivize expansion and adoption of a minimum of consistent and reliable 25/3 Broadband or 100/20 Broadband, as applicable, to unserved Broadband Units or Non-Adopters located in the State of Iowa in a manner that provided the best value to or was to the greatest benefit of the State by providing the greatest overall impact in furthering telework, telehealth, distance learning, and other remote services in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. Provided there is a demonstrable nexus to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a nexus to furthering telework, telehealth, distance learning, and other remote services, Applicant’s proposals could accomplish this in one of two of the following ways, or through a combination of both or either of the following (See Exhibit A - Notice of Funding Availability #003 for additional information regarding eligibility criteria and program requirements for speed thresholds):

  1. By reducing or eliminating unserved Broadband Units in the State through the installation of Broadband Infrastructure that Facilitates Broadband service at or above 25/3 Broadband or 100/20 Broadband, as applicable (“Infrastructure Project(s)”).
  2. By providing broadband service subscription discounts to Non-Adopters to reduce barriers to adoption and encourage subscription to 25/3 Broadband or faster (“Adoption Projects”).
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Information concerning the grant application process, including all application materials, agreements, and program information are provided below. All Applications to this NOFA were required to be submitted electronically through the Iowa Grants System, as part of Funding Opportunity #365549  - Empower Rural Iowa Emergency Broadband Expansion Program (NOFA #003).

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Schedule of Important Dates

The timeline for Notice of Funding Availability #003 is set forth below including steps and dates of each of the major element of the program.

NOFA #003 Issued07/20/2020
Application Acceptance Window Opens07/20/2020
Application Acceptance Window Closes/Applications Due08/05/2020,
11:59 PM CDT
Technical Review/Quantitative Scoring Begins08/06/2020
Technical Review/Quantitative Scoring Ends08/12/2020
Applications and Quantitative Scoring Submitted to Evaluation Committee08/13/2020
Final Agency Decision / Anticipated Notice of Intent to Award Issued08/21/2020
Contracting Process Begins08/21/2020
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Applications Received

NOTE: To see the list of applications that were awarded grant funds download Notice of Intent To Award (NOIA) for NOFA #003.

The information below includes all applications received by the Office under this NOFA including those that did not receive grant awards. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any application withdrawn from consideration prior to the NOIA issuance is not published here. Final project areas as represented in executed grant agreements will be depicted on a map of NOFA #003 project areas. This map is currently in development and will be released at a later time. That map will represent the final and official project areas associated with each executed grant agreement.

68 applications were deemed submitted in response to NOFA #003 including applications associated with Infrastructure Project, Adoption Project, or Both. The type of Application is noted in the table below. The public, redacted versions of each application are provided below. In the Application Download column, click the link labeled "zip" next to each application to download a zip file containing the public version of that application. The "Final Disposition" column in the table below indicates the final status of the award. If an applicant executed a grant agreement with Office pursuant to the NOIA, this column will be marked as "Accepted." If an applicant did not execute a grant agreement with the Office pursuant to the NOIA, this column will be marked as "Withdrawn."

366262Sully Telephone Association, Inc.SULLY TELEPHONE - ASHBY ACRES FTTH PROJECTInfrastructureAccepted
366512Sully Telephone Association, Inc.HIGHWAY 163 CORRIDOR WIRELESS PROJECTInfrastructureAccepted
366848Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone CompanyBroadband Access Shelby and Harrison CountyInfrastructureAccepted
366854Huxley Communications CooperativeHuxley Communications Cooperative OCIO CARES Act FTTH Broadband ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
366869Premier Communications, Inc.Premier - George & Orange City (Rural)InfrastructureAccepted
366995South Slope Cooperative Telephone CompanySolon Rural BuildInfrastructureAccepted
367061Searsboro Telephone CompanyKillduff Telephone Company FTTH 2020 out side of service areaInfrastructureAccepted
367104La Motte Telephone CompanyFiber build to 216th Street and Bellevue Cascade Road Bellevue IowaInfrastructureAccepted
367166BTC, Inc. Rural Glenwood AreaFTTP Overbuild ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
367201Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLCBroadband Grant Application (NOFA #003) for Heart of Ventures, LLCInfrastructureAccepted
367218Cloudburst9 LLCWest Chester, Iowa 365549-Empower Rural Iowa Emergency Broadband Expansion Program (NOFA #003)InfrastructureAccepted
367228Winnebago Cooperative Telecom AssociationInfrastructure Broadband Grant for Manly, Ledyard, and Northwood AreasBothAccepted
367282Harmony Telephone CompanyHarmony Telephone Howard-Winneshiek InfrastructureInfrastructureAccepted
367301Sully Telephone Association, Inc.SULLY TELEPHONE SE RURAL FTTH PROJECTInfrastructureAccepted
367309Danville Mutual Telephone CompanyDanville FTTP ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
367371Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone AssociationOtho Town FTTH ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
367416ImOn Communications, LLCImOn Application - AdoptionAdoptionAccepted
367423OmniTel Communications, INC.OmniTel Communications Rural Broadband Adoption ProjectAdoptionAccepted
367486Cooperative Telephone ExchangeBroadband Adoption Program in Webster City and South Hamilton School DistrictsAdoptionAccepted
367535Alpine Communications, LCAlpine Communications Rural Clayton County Aug 2020InfrastructureAccepted
367572Omnitel Communications, INC.OmniTel FTTHInfrastructureAccepted
367583Reinbeck Telecommunications UtilityConnect To Learn ProgramInfrastructureAccepted
367585OmniTel Communications, INC.Interstate Cablevision Rural Broadband Adoption ProjectAdoptionAccepted
367596OmniTel Communications, INC.Interstate Cablevision FTTHInfrastructureAccepted
367619Vinton Municipal Communications Utility (dba iVinton)Connect to Learn ProgramAdoptionAccepted
367634Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone AssociationGrand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association’s Fixed Wireless Rural Broadband Expansion ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
367653Dumont Telephone CompanyGeneva West to Hwy 65InfrastructureAccepted
367674Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.Phase 1 Waukon FiberInfrastructureAccepted
367725Northwest Communications Cooperative AssociationFTTH Northwest West ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
367737Bits of Technology Wireless Internet LLCApplication for CARES Act Broadband FundsInfrastructureAccepted
367749Spring Grove CommunicationsSpring Grove Communications Broadband AdoptionAdoptionAccepted
367771MiBroadband LLCMiBroadband Broadband Adoption ProjectAdoptionAccepted
367778Router12 Networks LLCAredale Broadband ExpansionInfrastructureAccepted
367813Dunkerton Telephone CooperativeEmpower Rural Iowa Emergency Broadband Expansion Program (NOFA #003)InfrastructureAccepted
367814Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company of Moulton IAFarmers Mutual Fiber Expansion ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
367817Lockridge NetworksLucas County Broadband ExpansionInfrastructureAccepted
367823ImOn Communications, LLCImOn Application - LakesideInfrastructureAccepted
367841Guthrie Telecommunications Network, IncInfrastructure buildInfrastructureAccepted
367902Miles Communications LLCClinton County ExpansionInfrastructureAccepted
367904Butler-Bremer Mutual Telephone CompanyCottage Ave BroadbandInfrastructureAccepted
367908Sharon Telephone CompanyFiber Build for Rural Riverside IowaInfrastructureAccepted
367925United States Cellular CorporationUSCC Network ModernizationInfrastructureAccepted
367926Panora Communications Cooperative25/3 adoption applicationAdoptionAccepted
367965West Iowa Telephone CompanyRural Anita Fiber Build OutInfrastructureAccepted
367969Mediacom LLCSchaller - Mediacom LLCInfrastructureAccepted
367971Woolstock Mutual Telephone AssocationBroadband GrantInfrastructureAccepted
367980Kalona Cooperative Telephone CoWashington Route ExtensionInfrastructureAccepted
368005Mediacom LLCOtho - Mediacom LLCInfrastructureWithdrawn
368019Mediacom LLCCushing - Mediacom LLCInfrastructureAccepted
368026Mediacom LLCMeservey - Mediacom LLCInfrastructureAccepted
368074Northeast Iowa Telephone CompanyRural Luana and Postville Fiber to the Home ExpansionInfrastructureAccepted
368077Grand River Mutual Telephone CorporationGrand River Mutual Telephone Corporation Federal CARES Broadband Adoption ProjectAdoptionAccepted
368079East Buchanan Telephone CooperativeEmergency Broadband Grant Application for Winthrop and Quasqueton Iowa Rural Service AreasBothAccepted
368117South Central Communications, Inc.South Central Communications, Inc. Federal CARES Broadband Adoption ProjectAdoptionAccepted
368167River Valley Telecommunications CoopProviding infrastructure for better and more reliable broadband where requested.InfrastructureAccepted
368235Massena Telephone Company, Inc.Rural Wiota and Rural Atlantic FTTH buildoutInfrastructureAccepted
368263Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association Inc.Zion fixed wireless towerInfrastructureAccepted
368287Router12 Networks LLCAredale Broadband ExpansionInfrastructureWithdrawn
368295Interstate Telcom Consulting, IncMartelle CommunicationsInfrastructureAccepted
368298Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association Inc.Greenfield Fixed Wireless TowerInfrastructureAccepted
368339Colo TelephoneColo Telephone 2020 CARES Act Project GrantInfrastructureAccepted
368355Minburn Telephone Company Minburn Telephone CompanyAdoption ProgramAdoptionAccepted
368361Northwest Communications Cooperative AssociationFTTH Northwest White ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
368371Minburn Telecommunications, IncMinburn Telecommunications, Inc. Adoption ProgramAdoptionAccepted
368388Rockwell Cooperative Telephone AssociationAredale, Bristow, and Dougherty Fiber to the Home DeploymentBothAccepted
368398Long LinesEnable Rural Digital Lifestyle 2020InfrastructureWithdrawn
368406Night Owl Wireless, LLCTri-County Expansion (Application Data Pending)InfrastructureAccepted
368407Osage Municipal UtilitiesMitchell Iowa Fiber ProjectInfrastructureAccepted
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Review Committee Summary

In accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 8B.11(3), the Office is required to publish the members of the review committee and a summary of the review committee's recommended results for state funded opportunities. To remain consistent with past practice, the link below provides a summary of review committee input for this federally-funded opportunity.

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Map of Awarded Locations

A map of Project Areas associated with awarded applications under NOFA #003 is shown below.

Broadband NOFA003 Awarded 1440x1080
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