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OFFICIAL NOTICE. November 9, 2023. The Department of Management has announced the Notice of Intent to Award for Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) #008 for the Empower Rural Broadband Grant Program making available up to $148,960,000 for broadband expansion in Iowa. This opportunity is now closed. 

Download the Notice of Intent to Award for NOFA #008

Download Amendment #1 to Notice of Intent to Award for NOFA #008 (Posted as of November 9, 2023)

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The purpose of this NOFA is to solicit Applications from Communications Service Providers for Broadband Infrastructure Projects that will have the greatest overall effect of reducing or eliminating Eligible Unserved or Underserved Locations in the State through the installation of Broadband Infrastructure. Funds for this grant round have been allocated from the American Rescue Plan Act (“ARPA”) Capital Projects Fund ("CPF") to provide a substantial infusion of resources to help turn the tide on the pandemic, address its economic fallout, and lay the foundation for a strong and equitable recovery

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Program Design

The funds available for Award under this NOFA is up to $148,960,000 and shall be distributed to Applicants proposing projects that will Facilitate Broadband at 100/100 or faster, or 100/20 or faster in Eligible Service Locations. The total amount of CPF that may be requested may not exceed 80% of the actual or originally estimated (whichever is less) Total Project Costs.

The Agency is seeking proposals from Responsible Applicants to Facilitate broadband service to Eligible Service Locations within the State of Iowa by no later than September 30, 2026. Applications submitted to this NOFA must be designed to provide last-mile broadband service to Eligible Service Locations that: (1) reliably meets or exceeds 100/100 Broadband; or (2) in cases where it is not practicable, because of the excessive cost of the Project, or geography or topography of the area to be served by the Project, to provide Broadband that reliably meets or exceeds 100/20 Broadband. However, 100/20 Broadband Projects must be scalable to 100/100 Broadband within three years of the Project Completion date.

Eligible Service Locations have been determined using Map V5 as locations to which no provider offers service at speeds greater than or equal to 100/20 Broadband consistent with the CPF Guidance established by the U.S. Department of Treasury. The Eligible Service Locations must not have been previously awarded Federal or State broadband incentives for build out greater than 100/20 Broadband.

The scoring rubric has been posted in conjunction with the pre-issuance of the NOFA (see Exhibit A Section 3.2 Scoring Rubric) to allow Applicants to account for the points allotted to each category when determining their Project area(s).

Broadband Intervention Zones

This NOFA gives special consideration to Broadband Intervention Zones (“Zones”) across the State of Iowa. These Zones were established under Invitation to Qualify (“ITQ”) #001, which permitted communities across the State of Iowa to identify areas of critical need for broadband investment. Until now, all NOFA offerings allowed broadband providers to select where they wanted to build based on available DOM mapping data that identified areas lacking broadband. Although this process has resulted in significant buildout throughout the state, there remains a perception that certain areas in the State perpetually go unserved for a variety of reasons. The ITQ attempted to address this perceived problem by affording communities an opportunity to identify geographic areas of concern that both need access to Broadband and are motivated to attract Broadband providers to the area. Broadband Intervention Zones identified through the ITQ process are now being used to prioritize NOFA #008 Broadband application awards.

Ninety-six Zones have been identified. Within each of these Zones, providers that agree to build to 80% or more of the Eligible Service Locations within any Zone will receive additional points and higher levels of state matching funds under this NOFA.  Providers are strongly encouraged to examine the Zones as set forth within the Project Selection Tool (with the map located at the bottom of this page).

Applications that propose to Facilitate broadband services to at least 80% of Eligible Service Locations within any Zone will rank higher under this NOFA than any Application that does not.

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Schedule of Important Dates

The timeline for Notice of Funding Availability #008 including steps and dates, are described below (all dates are subject to change):

NOFA #008 Pre-Publication Notice06/15/2023
Pre-Application Conference06/28/2023, 2:00 PM CST
Written Questions Submissions06/28/2023 - 7/07/2023
Responses Posted By07/14/2023
Application Acceptance Window Opens7/14/2023
Application Acceptance Window Closes/Applications Due08/25/2023, 5:00 PM CST
Application Review Ends09/26/2023
Applications Posted09/26/2023
Post-Map V5 Buildout Attestation Form Window Opens09/26/2023
Post-Map V5 Buildout Attestation Form Window Closes10/03/2023
Final Agency Decision(s) / Notice of Intent to Award (Tentative)10/30/2023
Grant Agreement Negotiations and Execution11/22/2023
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Applications Received

91 applications were deemed submitted in response to NOFA #008. The public, redacted versions of each applications are provided below. In the Application column, click the link to download a zip file containing the public version of that application.  The "Final Disposition" column in the table below indicates the final status of the award. If an applicant received an award from the Agency pursuant to the Notice of Intent To Award for this opportunity upon final issuance, this column will be marked as "Awarded."

523273Citizens Mutual Telephone CooperativeCitizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative NOFA 8$20,466,396.77Awarded
523298Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.Rural Waukon-Not Awarded
523319Alpine Communications, LCClayFay 57/47/53$1,967,960.31Awarded
523453Mahaska Communication Group/MCGMahaska County Broadband Intervention-Not Awarded
523455Mahaska Communication Group/MCGMahaska County Broadband Intervention Application ll-Not Awarded
523459Mahaska Communication Group/MCGMahaska County Broadband Intervention Application llI-Not Awarded
524149Minburn Telephone CompanyMinburn Telephone Company Rural Broadband Expansion Supporting the City of Dallas Center$1,994,072.65Awarded
524174Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.Dorchester #8-Not Awarded
524398Panora Communications CooperativePanora Fiber's Central Iowa NOFA 8 Project #1$1,181,143.50Awarded
524409Interstate Cablevision, LLCInterstate Cablevision FTTH Rural Broadband Expansion-NOFA#8$3,988,276.02Awarded
524505Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone AssociationRural Webster County Broadband Expansion$1,329,294.09Awarded
524522Sharon Telephone CompanySharon Telephone BIZ 10 and 82 NOFA #8$1,842,400.00Awarded
524624STS Broadband LLCNOFA 8 - Bix6-Not Awarded
524794Casey Mutual Telephone CoCasey Mutual BIZ2-4 Fiber Project$4,798,582.22Awarded
524928Premier Communications, Inc.NOFA 008 - BIZ 31 Application$3,796,722.13Awarded
525226Prairieburg Telephone Company, IncWalker and Northeast Monti$2,441,026.52Awarded
525289Colo TelephoneColo Telephone NOFA8$2,506,676.89Awarded
525530Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone CompanyNOFA 8 ITQ 59 Dunlap Area-Not Awarded
525551Mediacom LLCNOFA008 - Mediacom$19,162,799.31Awarded
525566La Motte Telephone CompanyNOFA 8 - Highway 52 Bellevue Dubuque Iowa-Not Awarded
525649Indianola Municipal UtilitiesIMU Fiber NOFA 8-Not Awarded
525806Long LinesWhiting and West Onawa-Not Awarded
525831coon valley cooperative telephone association inc.Broadband Intervention Zone #42$2,261,235.24Awarded
525844Long LinesSalix, Sloan and Albaton$4,138,479.51Awarded
525911Cascade Communications CompanyCascade Comm Rural FTTH Expansion-Not Awarded
525980Midwest Data CenterMDC Zone 40 Fiber Project$3,526,432.73Awarded
525981Midwest Data CenterMDC Zone 60 Fiber Project-Not Awarded
526127La Porte City Telephone CompanyLPC NW - 506545$4,578,021.27Awarded
526421Internet Consulting ServicesICS- BIZ 507563-Not Awarded
526451Kalona Cooperative Telephone CoHENRY COUNTY$3,120,782.33Awarded
526514Panora Communications CooperativePanora Fiber's Central Iowa NOFA 8 Project #2-Not Awarded
526576Harmony Telephone CompanyCentral Howard County FTTP (BIZ 68, 88, 91)-Not Awarded
526596Quick Current Iowa LLCQCIA-ICFP-Not Awarded
526659Maquoketa Valley Electric CooperativeMaquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative$282,611.67Awarded
526706WTC Communications, Inc.WTC Communications Rural Fiber II Project-Not Awarded
526721Hawkeye Interconnect CompanyNOFA 008 1 Gbps And Beyond Fiber-to-the- Home (FTTH) Expansion$5,389,058.42Awarded
526781Windstream Services, LLCWindstream-NOFA 008-BIZ28-Not Awarded
526782Waverly UtilitiesWaverly Communications Utility NOFA8-Not Awarded
526791Kalona Cooperative Telephone CoLouisa County-Not Awarded
526792Cloudburst9 LLCWashington County-Not Awarded
526906Western Iowa Telephone AssociationWiaTel NOFA #008 Application-Not Awarded
526917Wellman Cooperative Telephone AssociationWellman Cooperative Telephone Association$2,698,551.00Awarded
526936Prairieburg Telephone Company, IncRural Monticello-Not Awarded
526946Cedar CommunicationsFiber Project - NOFA 8$3,256,229.10Awarded
526965BTC, Inc.BTC Inc. - Schleswig$158,010.46Awarded
526966BTC, Inc.BTC Inc - Carroll Denison Vail Areas$262,358.37Awarded
526985Jefferson Telephone Company512252-Empower Rural Iowa-NOFA #008$2,254,717.44Awarded
527007Woolstock Mutual Telephone AssociationWMTel Fiber Expansion-Not Awarded
527024Omnitel Communications, INC.OmniTel FTTH Rural Broadband Expansion-NOFA#8-Not Awarded
527030Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company of Moulton IAAppanoose County FTTH Expansion$6,864,355.34Awarded
527033Harmony Telephone CompanySouth Leroy FTTP (BIZ 89)-Not Awarded
527043Harmony Telephone CompanyNorth Howard County FTTP (BIZ 64)$4,994,158.72Awarded
527044Harmony Telephone CompanyWest Freeport FTTP (BIZ 56)-Not Awarded
527045Harmony Telephone CompanyKendalville FTTP (BIZ 63)-Not Awarded
527110Little Wapsie CommunicationsITQ 19 - Rural Sumner-Not Awarded
527137Dunkerton Telephone CooperativeDunkerton NOFA #008$211,406.93Awarded
527155East Buchanan Telephone CooperativeSE Independence$223,652.09Awarded
527161F&B Communications, Inc.F&B Communications FTTH Rural Cedar & Clinton Counties-Not Awarded
527172East Buchanan Telephone CooperativeWalker-Rowley Rural$937,655.24Awarded
527173East Buchanan Telephone CooperativeBuchanan-Delaware County Line$309,013.78Awarded
527194Butler-Bremer Mutual Telephone CompanyChickasaw County - Rural Nashua-Not Awarded
527219Little WapsieRural Fairbank Project Not Awarded
527220Dumont Telephone CompanyStout - BIZ 7$508,072.37Awarded
527327Mediapolis Telephone CompanyMTC NOFA #008 Project$17,280,882.33Awarded
527373Butler-Bremer Mutual Telephone CompanySW Bremer County-Not Awarded
527395South Central Communications, Inc.SCC_NOFA008-Not Awarded
527414Windstream Services, LLCWindstream_NOFA 008_Maxwell-Not Awarded
527416Mi-Fiber, LLCMIF_NOFA008$2,666,804.13Awarded
527445Panora Communications CooperativePanora Fiber's Central Iowa NOFA 8 Project #3$5,736,431.55Awarded
527466West Liberty Telephone CompanyBIZ #5 NOFA 8 Liberty Communications$1,990,455.46Awarded
527482Panora Communications CooperativePanora Fiber's Central Iowa NOFA 8 Project #4$959,900.62Awarded
527491Panora Communications CooperativePanora Fiber's Central Iowa NOFA 8 Project #5-Not Awarded
527513The Wyoming Mutual Telephone CompanyNOFA #8 - BIZ 38$5,925,738.92Awarded
527528Panora Communications CooperativePanora Fiber's Central Iowa NOFA 8 Project #6-Not Awarded
527531Lockridge NetworksNOFA008 Rural South Central Iowa FTTH$1,526,731.82Awarded
527549Board of Water, Electric, and Communications Trustees of the City of Muscatine IowaMPW Rural Fiber #3-Not Awarded
527597MetronetMetronet Fiber for Gilbertville-Not Awarded
527600C-M-L Telephone Cooperative AssociationNorth Cherokee Rural-Not Awarded
527610Panora Communications CooperativePanora Fiber's Central Iowa NOFA 8 Project #7-Not Awarded
527622EvertekEarly Town-Not Awarded
527767EvertekSchleswig Fiber$347,573.68Awarded
527777Mechanicsville Telephone CompanyNOFA #8 13-30-Not Awarded
527778Modern Coop Telephone CompanyAssistant General Manager-CFO-Not Awarded
527779EvertekMay City Melvin Rural Fiber-Not Awarded
527784Router12 Networks LLCBGA FTTH Expansion - Nofa8-Not Awarded
527789EvertekHartley Fiber-Not Awarded
527798EvertekIda Grove Fiber-Not Awarded
527811N.E.T. BroadbandHolstein North Fiber-Not Awarded
527850AMG Technology Investment Group, LLC dba Nextlink InternetAMG Technology_BIZ 28$182,438.11Awarded
527855AMG Technology Investment Group, LLC dba Nextlink InternetAMG Technology_BIZ 60$892,890.99Awarded
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Program Documentation

Information concerning the grant application process, including all application materials, agreements, and program information are provided below. All Applications to this NOFA are required to be submitted electronically through the Iowa Grants System, as part of Funding Opportunity #512252. 

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Instructional Videos for Applicants

The following instructional videos have been published for Applicants who are interested in receiving additional information about the application process under this NOFA. Note: The links below redirect users to YouTube.

(Posted as of October 30, 2023)

The Agency posted the submitted applications for NOFA #008 and opened a project location challenge process which permitted third parties to certify to the Agency that they had completed buildout since the as-of date of Broadband Availability Map V5 (8/02/2022) and as a result should be excised from an Applicant’s project area.

The Agency made a determination by reviewing the following factors:

  1. The challenged location(s) were within a NOFA 8 Applicant's project area,
  2. The Challenger provided at least one form of required evidence
  3. Whether the FCC Location ID correlates to an IA Location ID, and
  4. 1st Party Location Challenges as indicated in Exhibit B of a given Application

Download Project Location Challenge Decisions (Posted as of October 30, 2023)

Open NOFA #008 Map Locations In A New Window

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Map of Awarded Areas

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