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OFFICIAL NOTICE. January 4, 2022. The Office has announced the Notice of Intent to Award for Notice of Funding Availability #007, awarding $210,454,219.13 in federal American Rescue Plan Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for broadband expansion in Iowa. On October 25, 2021, the Office issued Notice of Funding Availability #007 which opened the Application Acceptance Window for this NOFA. 
Download the Notice of Intent To Award for NOFA #007

Pre-Application Conference

On October 14, 2021, the Office held a Pre-Application Conference to discuss a high-level view of the program, including the requirements prescribed by this NOFA. Participants were given an opportunity to ask questions at this time. Video recordings of the pre-application conference will be posted in the Instructional Videos For Applicants section below. The posting will occur the week of October 25, 2021.

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The purpose of this NOFA is to solicit Applications from Communications Service Providers for Broadband Infrastructure Projects that will have the greatest overall effect of reducing or eliminating Unserved or Underserved Areas in the State through the installation of Broadband Infrastructure. Funds for this grant round have been allocated from the American Rescue Plan Act (“ARPA”) Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (“CSLFRF”) to provide a substantial infusion of resources to help turn the tide on the pandemic, address its economic fallout, and lay the foundation for a strong and equitable recovery.

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Program Design

The funds available for Award under this NOFA is up to $200,000,000 and shall be distributed to Applicants proposing projects that will Facilitate Broadband at 100/100 or faster, or 100/20 or faster in Eligible Service Areas. The total amount of CLSFRF that may be requested may not exceed 60% of the actual or originally estimated (whichever is less) Total Project Costs. Note: For this NOFA, the Office is also pre-publishing the scoring rubric for NOFA #007 including the weights to be applied to each scored category. Refer to the Scoring Rubric in the Project Documentation section for more information concerning weights assigned to each scored category. Applicants seeking higher scores, and thus increasing the likelihood of receiving awarded funds, are encouraged to pay attention to proposed weighting in designing their Projects.

Applications must be designed to provide last-mile broadband service to homes, schools, and businesses in unserved and underserved areas as defined in 35 C.F.R. § 35.1 (“Unserved and Underserved Households and Businesses”) that: (1) reliably meets or exceeds 100/100 Broadband; or (2) in cases where it is not practicable, because of the excessive cost of the project or geography or topography of the area to be served by the project, to provide 100/100 Broadband that reliably meets or exceeds 100/20 Broadband. Applications shall define a single Project proposing a buildout speed of 100/100 Broadband or faster or 100/20 Broadband or faster, but not both within the same Project.

For Wireless Projects, the proposed wireless network backhaul must be “future proof,” meaning that the network backhaul is capable of Facilitating 100/100 or 100/20, whichever is applicable, to every home, school, and business within the Project Area upon Project Completion.

Projects proposing to Facilitate 100/20 Broadband must be scalable to 100/100 within 3 years of the Project Completion date.

Eligible Service Areas have been determined using Map V4 with an additional data layer to identify Census Blocks within which no provider offers wireline service at speeds greater than or equal to 25/3 Broadband consistent with the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Requirements established by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Eligible Service Areas will be published by the Office on October 14, 2021 on this website.

The scoring rubric has been posted in conjunction with the pre-issuance of the NOFA (see Program Documentation) to allow Applicants to account for the points allotted to each category when determining their Project area(s).

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Schedule of Important Dates

The timeline for Notice of Funding Availability #007 including steps and dates, are described below (all dates are subject to change):

NOFA #007 Pre-Publication Notice10/11/2021
Pre-Application Conference10/14/2021, 2:00 PM CDT
Eligible Service Areas Posted Online10/14/2021
Written Questions Due By10/22/2021
Responses Posted By10/25/2021
Application Acceptance Window Opens10/25/2021
Application Acceptance Window Closes/Applications Due11/22/2021, 5:00 PM CST
Application Review Ends12/31/2021
Final Agency Decisions(s)/Notice of Intent to Award01/04/2022
Grant Agreement Negotiations and Execution02/28/2022
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Applications Received

188 applications were deemed submitted in response to NOFA #007. The public, redacted versions of each application are provided below. In the Application column, click the link to download a zip file containing the public version of that application.  The "Final Disposition" column in the table below indicates the final status of the award. If an applicant received an award from the Office pursuant to the Notice of Intent To Award for this opportunity upon final issuance, this column will be marked as "Awarded."

433329Sully Telephone Association, Inc.SOUTH RURAL FTTH PROJECT$103,530.90Awarded
433340Sharon Telephone CompanyRural Lone Tree / Riverside$3,240,833.70Awarded
433378LTD Broadband LLCBroadband Northeast Project-Not Awarded
433385Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.SW Rural Allamakee$2,785,347.40Awarded
433443Reasnor Telephone Company, LLCReasnor Telephone Company, LLC- Application-409811-Broadband Grant Program$275,964.27Awarded
433488South Slope Cooperative Telephone CompanyRural Solon FTTP Project$1,214,229.96Awarded
433498Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association INC.Rural Stuart, Iowa$2,729,112.55Awarded
433524Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.Rural Dorchester$272,468.64Awarded
433530Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.SE Rural Winneshiek-Not Awarded
433542Omnitel Communications, INC.OmniTel's Rural FTTH Expansion$2,735,120.65Awarded
433551Indianola Municipal UtilitiesIndianola North$137,082.24Awarded
433553Indianola Municipal UtilitiesIndianola South$477,025.20Awarded
433561Manning Municipal UtilitiesGray Rural$144,059.61Awarded
433571Platinum Connect, LLCRural WC$4,103,678.93Awarded
433734Corn Belt Telephone Company, Inc.Proposed Expanded Rural Sac County Fiber Project$1,762,807.48Awarded
433769Sully Telephone Association, Inc.NORTH RURAL FTTH PROJECT$204,606.00Awarded
433830Kalona Cooperative Telephone CoRural Washington County$1,576,757.93Awarded
433833Kalona Cooperative Telephone CoHighway 92 Ainsworth$9,712.44Awarded
433842Scranton Telephone CompanyRalston$533,298.35Awarded
433944Blue Earth Valley Telephone Co.Rural Stevens Fiber Expansion Project$156,663.60Awarded
433976Harmony Telephone CompanyEastern Winneshiek FTTP$5,029,323.15Awarded
434159Citizens Mutual Telephone CooperativeWest Wapello County Fiber to the Premises Project$2,785,251.84Awarded
434169FARMERS COOPERATIVE TELEPHONEClutier Broadband Expansion$471,880.92Awarded
434172Minburn Telephone CompanyAdel-Dallas Center North Rural Broadband Expansion$1,807,968.10Awarded
434180Minburn Telephone CompanyPerry Rural Broadband Expansion$3,010,538.45Awarded
434181Minburn Telephone CompanySouth Adel Rural Broadband Expansion$874,400.00Awarded
434189Interstate Cablevision, LLCInterstate Cablevision's Rural FTTH Expansion$5,134,343.16Awarded
434210Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Toddville North Expansion Project$602,100.006Awarded
434213Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Toddville South Expansion Project$253,800.00Awarded
434214Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Midway Expansion Project$143,545.73Awarded
434215Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Midway East Expansion Project$461,773.25Awarded
434216Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Center Point Southeast Expansion Project$722,750.00Awarded
434217Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Center Point Northwest Expansion Project$436,200.00Awarded
434218Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Center Point South Expansion Project$373,200.00Awarded
434219Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Alice Expansion Project$906,745.27Awarded
434220Shellsburg Cablevision, IncCentral City West Expansion Project$658,916.64Awarded
434221Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Troy Southeast Expansion Project$310,174.91Awarded
434222Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Vinton North Expansion Project$611,392.92Awarded
434224Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Vinton Northeast Expansion Project$647,100.00Awarded
434225Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Vinton East Expansion Project$377,068.50Awarded
434226Shellsburg Cablevision, Inc.Vinton South Expansion Project$1,484,968.59Awarded
434231Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone AssociationWelton Broadband Expansion$381,423.90Awarded
434232Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone AssociationDeWitt South Broadband Expansion$268,800.00Awarded
434349Casey Mutual Telephone CoCasey Mutual Bayard Fiber Project$3,343,329.75Awarded
434365Western Iowa WirelessWestern Iowa Broadband Expansion$836,917.70Awarded
434626Nuvera Communications IncAurelia South Central$158,754.97Awarded
435008Dumont Telephone CompanySouthern Butler County & Eastern Franklin County NOFA 7$6,186,020.74Awarded
435015Mahaska Communication Group/MCGMahaska County$3,645,215.09Awarded
435016Coon Rapids Municipal UtilitiesCRMU NOFA#7 Broadband Grant Application$584,239.78Awarded
435051Waverly UtilitiesBremer County rural$1,525,159.23Awarded
435064West Liberty Telephone CompanyWest Liberty, West Branch, Rochester$285,951.92Awarded
435262IAMO Communications, Inc.Page County Wired$1,466,656.88Awarded
435437Panora Communications CooperativeRaccoon River Build #1$967,360.26Awarded
435467Wellman Cooperative Telephone AssociationWellman FTTP Build$165,580.99Awarded
435531Osage Municipal UtilitiesOrchard rural fiber project-Not Awarded
435603WTC Communications, Inc.Rural Fiber to the home$2,053,637.69Awarded
435606Readlyn Telephone CompanyReadlyn West$1,147,200.00Awarded
435652Great Lakes Communication Corp2022 GLCC Broadband Expansion Project, Lake Park Exchange Area$2,142,653.93Awarded
435704Rock Port TelephoneMDC Fremont County Fiber Project$299,797.20Awarded
435721Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLCNE Hardin County Rural Steamboat Rock$299,797.20Awarded
435734Farmers and Merchants Mutual Telephone CompanyBrighton Rural Fiber Project for NE Jefferson County$1,291,671.84Awarded
435761Cox Communications Omaha, LLC435761 - Cox Communications - NOFA #007 - S I-880-Not Awarded
435795NatelAppanoose County 500/300 Application$257,150.86Awarded
435799Farmers' Telephone CompanyLibertyville Rural Fiber to the Home$301,200.00Awarded
435811Panora Communications CooperativeRaccoon River Build #2$1,126,548.36Awarded
435812Panora Communications CooperativeRaccoon River Build #3$1,148,188.86Awarded
435814Panora Communications CooperativeRaccoon River Build #4$2,346,112.86Awarded
435820BTC, Inc.BTC, Inc. NOFA #007 Fiber Construction Project #1$4,027,665.86Awarded
435823South Slope Cooperative Telephone CompanySouth Slope Rural #2 FTTP Project-Not Awarded
435827Western Iowa Telephone AssociationWiaTel FTTP Expansion$1,398,069.69Awarded
435866Casey Mutual Telephone CoCasey Mutual Audubon Fiber Project$2,313,899.33Awarded
435868Casey Mutual Telephone CoCasey Mutual Fontanelle Fiber Project$285,730.27Awarded
435884Woolstock Mutual Telephone AssociationWilliams Broadband Project$384,823.90Awarded
435915Modern Cooperative Telephone CompanyWest Parnell FTTP Project$115,917.60Awarded
435923Dunkerton Telephone CooperativeDunkerton Telephone Cooperative NOFA #7 Application$191,128.80Awarded
435928Modern Cooperative Telephone CompanyKeokuk County FTTP Project$3,454,217.76Awarded
435984The Wyoming Mutual Telephone CompanyAmber$145,471.54Awarded
436012The Preston Telephone CompanyClinton County Fiber Broadband Expansion$1,939,681.66Awarded
436021Alpine Communications, LCAlpine Communications - Wadena-Volga-Strawberry Point Rural FTTP: NOFA #007$4,004,485.24Awarded
436022Citizens Mutual Telephone CooperativeNortheast Wapello County Fiber to the Premises Project$3,590,816.98Awarded
436028Northwest Communications Cooperative AssociationNWL Fiber Area$58,479.42Awarded
436066The Royal Telephone CompanyRoyal NOFA #7$1,066,054.96Awarded
436101Northwest Communications Cooperative AssociationBDE Fiber Area-Not Awarded
436110Northwest Communications Cooperative AssociationOTN Fiber Area$125,058.35Awarded
436117Northwest Communications Cooperative AssociationMP Fiber Area$50,919.80Awarded
436120Northwest Communications Cooperative AssociationAYR Fiber Area$101,302.99Awarded
436123Northwest Communications Cooperative AssociationGLM Fiber Area$261,779.40Awarded
436159Board of Water, Electric, and Communications Trustees of the City of Muscatine IowaMPW Rural Fiber Project #2$623,688.60Awarded
436207Marne & Elk Horn Telephone CompanyNOFA007 MEH Neola/Tri-Not Awarded
436213LTD Broadband LLCNorth Central Iowa Project-Not Awarded
436224Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Appanoose County$1,160,837.14Awarded
436225Marne & Elk Horn Telephone CompanyNOFA007 MEH Minden rural-Not Awarded
436257Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Clinton County$1,681,135.99Awarded
436279Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Dallas County$160,997.77Awarded
436280Marne & Elk Horn Telephone CompanyNOFA007 MEH Exira/Aud Rural$102,918.99Awarded
436285Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Henry County$1,503,885.98Awarded
436291Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Jefferson County$1,028,694.70Awarded
436293Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Keokuk County$807,670.81Awarded
436295Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Lee County$851,618.95Awarded
436300Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Mahaska County-Not Awarded
436301Winnebago Cooperative Telecom AssociationWinnebago Cooperative Telecom Association's Fiber to the Home to the Manly and Mason City areas.$285,107.97Awarded
436305Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Marion County$2,141,430.54Awarded
436310Cumberland Telephone CompanyCumberland NOFA7$2,445,133.86Awarded
436321Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Monroe County$1,138,937.22Awarded
436332Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Tama County$609,048.59Awarded
436338Windstream Services, LLCWindstream - Union County$466,989.49Awarded
436345BTC, Inc.BTC, Inc. NOFA #007 Fiber Construction Project #2$2,527,958.70Awarded
436464Mediacom LLCMediacom Iowa NOFA007$897,952.16Awarded
436486Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone CompanySouth Hancock # 7-Not Awarded
436494Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone CompanyAspinwall East and South #7-Not Awarded
436501Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone CompanyTennant to Hancock #7-Not Awarded
436509Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone CompanyDunlap to Dow City #7-Not Awarded
436511Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone CompanyPanama Rural #7-Not Awarded
436513Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone CompanyPortsmouth Rural #7-Not Awarded
436549Butler-Bremer Mutual Telephone CompanyBBC South Bremer/Black Hawk$1,255,362.39Awarded
436552NEIT ServicesNEIT Rural Postville 1 Gbps and Beyond FTH Expansion Project$720,196.44Awarded
436579West Liberty Telephone CompanyRural West Liberty & West Branch$106,426.264Awarded
436619AMG Technology Investment Group, LLC dba Nextlink InternetNextlink Internet - NOFA 7 Application - Denver$6,435.84Awarded
436620EvertekRural Hartley Fiber$1,927,255.57Awarded
436621Jefferson Telephone Company427424-Empower Rural Iowa-NOFA #007$2,540,259.65Awarded
436623West Liberty Telephone CompanyRural West Liberty & West Branch, Including Bordering Areas$232,169.43Awarded
436624EvertekRural Paullina Fiber$2,316,704.54Awarded
436625EvertekRural Primghar Fiber$1,371,541.75Awarded
436638Marne & Elk Horn Telephone CompanyNOFA007 MEH Avoca Expansion$531,947.68Awarded
436639Rockwell Cooperative Telephone AssociationRockwell Cooperative Telephone Association's FTTH project in Cerro Gordo County.$7,334,899.73Awarded
436663Van Buren Telephone Company, Inc.Van Buren Telephone Company, Inc. Birmingham Exchange FTTH Project-Not Awarded
436666West Iowa Telephone CompanyRural Plymouth County$1,719,182.28Awarded
436698West Iowa Telephone CompanyRural Washta$1,931,873.53Awarded
436700West Iowa Telephone CompanyRural Cherokee$721,747.80Awarded
436726EvertekSioux Rapids Rural Fiber$2,529,840.00Awarded
436727Vinton Municipal Communications Utility (dba iVinton)High Speed Broadband Extension for Phase 2/3 of Anderson Creek Estates and Stoney Arch development-Not Awarded
436731LTD Broadband LLCDes Moines Project-Not Awarded
436733Clear Lake Independent Telephone CompanyRural Mason City FTTH$2,216,534.95Awarded
436734East Buchanan Telephone CooperativeEBTC Walker Project$518,790.73Awarded
436735EvertekEarly Rural Fiber$1,939,933.51Awarded
436736Western Iowa WirelessNorthWest Iowa Broadband Expansion$762,889.41Awarded
436737EvertekMelvin Rural Fiber$974,469.89Awarded
436738LTD Broadband LLCSouth East Area Project-Not Awarded
436739EvertekMay City Rural Fiber$875,899.30Awarded
436740LTD Broadband LLCSouth East Corner Project-Not Awarded
436741East Buchanan Telephone CooperativeEBTC Buchanan County Line$38,546.43Awarded
436753Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLCMerle Hibbs-Not Awarded
436756Harmony Telephone CompanyRural Alta Vista FTTP$679,166.76Awarded
436763Farmers Telephone CompanyOCIO Application$834,572.75Awarded
436776Harmony Telephone CompanyRural Howard FTTP$848,303.91Awarded
436781Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLCCollison-Not Awarded
436786Harmony Telephone CompanyRural Schley FTTP$853,806.75Awarded
436796Huxley Communications CooperativeNOFA#7 Huxcomm Story County FTTH - SW Section$2,670,668.56Awarded
436800Hawkeye Interconnect CompanyHawkeye Western Fayette County 1 Gbps and Beyond FTTH Expansion$1,614,541.11Awarded
436806Harmony Telephone CompanyRural Cresco FTTP$723,127.02Awarded
436807Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLCHaverhill to Marshalltown-Not Awarded
436816Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLCLandfill$156,674.97Awarded
436871F&B Communications, Inc.F&B Communications FTTH Rural Durant$1,834,352.96Awarded
436877Cox Communications Omaha, LLCCox Communications - NOFA #007 - Hwy 6 Corridor-Not Awarded
436878Cox Communications Omaha, LLCCox Communications - NOFA #007 - N I-80-Not Awarded
436895Hubbard Cooperative Telephone AssociationNorth Hubbard FTTH$708,884.40Awarded
436898ImOn Communications, LLCNOFO #7 Iowa City Hub 21-04 cabinet U-Not Awarded
436913C-M-L Telephone Cooperative AssociationCherokee Northeast Rural FTTH$660,793.96Awarded
436917Huxley Communications CooperativeNOFA#7 Huxcomm Boone County FTTH$923,366.11Awarded
436922Huxley Communications CooperativeNOFA#7 Huxcomm Dallas and Polk County West of I35 FTTH$2,902,038.54Awarded
436925Huxley Communications CooperativeNOFA#7 Huxcomm Polk County East of I35 FTTH$2,958,763.52Awarded
436927Local Internet Service Company, Inc. dba LISCONOFA #007 Jefferson County, 6 CBs along Glasgow outside bypass-Not Awarded
436930Hawkeye Interconnect CompanyHawkeye Southeastern Fayette County 1 Gbps and Beyond FTTH Expansion Project$914,540.59Awarded
436933Hawkeye Interconnect CompanyHawkeye Eastern West Union 1 Gbps and Beyond FTTH Expansion Project$46,805.87Awarded
436937F&B Communications, Inc.F&B Communications FTTH Rural Delmar$847,387.67Awarded
436940F&B Communications, Inc.F&B Communications FTTH Rural Bennett$889,537.92Awarded
436948N.E.T. BroadbandHolstein Fiber Project$1,835,793.23Awarded
436949AMG Technology Investment Group, LLC dba Nextlink InternetNextlink Internet - NOFA 7 Application - Hudson$1,364,073.60Awarded
436951AMG Technology Investment Group, LLC dba Nextlink InternetNextlink Internet - NOFA 7 Application - Marshalltown$2,704,959.48Awarded
436956Great Lakes Communication Corp2022 GLCC Broadband Expansion Project, Spirit Lake Exchange Area$2,363,671.75Awarded
436957Great Lakes Communication Corp2022 GLCC Broadband Expansion Project, Spencer Exchange Area$3,848,957.77Awarded
436960Estherville Communications LLCRural EC$4,514,484.90Awarded
436961Milford Communications, LLCRural M$3,566,402.74Awarded
436963Western Iowa WirelessWestern Iowa FTTH Project$2,801,822.96Awarded
436964Heartland Telecommunications Company of IowaInspiration Hills$190,554.47Awarded
436968Western Iowa WirelessNorthWest Iowa Broadband Expansion Part 2$2,371,975.90Awarded
436981Cedar Communications LLCNOFA #7 - Buchanan Area Fiber Project$326,369.79Awarded
436982Router12 Networks LLCPortland Area FTTH$126,858.37Awarded
436985Router12 Networks LLCHanford Area FTTH$8,658.50Awarded
436986Router12 Networks LLCCartersville Area FTTH$334,251.60Awarded
436987Router12 Networks LLCBurchinal Area FTTH$66,378.14Awarded
436988Router12 Networks LLCSwaledale Area FTTH$226,649.70Awarded
436989Mechanicsville Telephone CompanyMechanicsville South$510,957.45Awarded
436992Router12 Networks LLCToeterville Area FTTH$169,623.60Awarded
436993Router12 Networks LLCBradford Area FTTH$308,496.00Awarded
436994NatelJefferson/Henry County 500/300 Application$2,251,650.00Awarded
436996Mechanicsville Telephone CompanyMechanicsville North$1,459,458.14Awarded
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Program Documentation

Information concerning the grant application process, including all application materials, agreements, and program information are provided below. All Applications to this NOFA are required to be submitted electronically through the Iowa Grants System, as part of Funding Opportunity #427424. Note: Exhibits not listed here will be provided at a later time, but not later than the opening of the Application Acceptance Window on October 25, 2021. Some exhibits may be updated following the pre-publication. Updates to program documentation may be identified through amendments issued by the Office or otherwise noted in the list below. 

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Instructional Videos for Applicants

The following instructional videos have been published for Applicants who are interested in receiving additional information about the application process under this NOFA. Note: The links below redirect users to YouTube.

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Map of Awarded Areas

See below for a map of awarded areas under NOFA #006 and NOFA #007.

Download NOFA #007 Project Award Areas

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