Learn about enhancements to the global filter bar and table visualization within stories, a redesign to the public catalog page, and Data.gov's birthday.

Enhancements to Filtering Stories

Users now have the ability to link parameters in the Global Filter Bar.  This is a allows users to filter and query across multiple data sources within a story - providing a comprehensive filtering and querying experience.

Learn more about the Global Filter Bar.

Additional Enhancements to Tables in Stories

New features for the table visualization within stories will be available soon:

  • Format Table Columns: Adjust the appearance of table columns, including date, number formats, and alignment to improve readability and consistency.
  • Change Column Display Names: Customize column headers to be more descriptive and relevant to the report's context.
  • Format Table Headers: Adjust the appearance of the table column headers through color and styling changes.
  • Configure Simple Conditional Formatting by Column: Apply formatting rules for columns based on specific criteria to highlight key data points.

Learn more about Table Visualizations.

Public Catalog Page Changes

The catalog page will be undergoing a redesign to provide a more modern and streamlined experience over the next year.  It is beginning with an new design for filters.  The functionality remains unchanged, except for the addition of a quick search on tags.

Data.gov turned 15

The federal open data website turned 15 years old in May.  When it launched it had a total of 47 datasets.  Today, Data.gov is nearing 300,000 datasets and dataset collections in the catalog, harvests data from over 100 organizations (including data from data.iowa.gov), and counts over a million monthly pageviews.

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